Truth why people fail in losing weight

Why Do People Find It Hard To Lose Weight?

The truth why people find it hard to lose weight and keep it off.

Being a woman, you may often think why losing weight is so hard or where you go wrong that keeps you from achieving your goals. Achieving body goals is never an easy task, and you all work hard for it, but sometimes you find yourself with no results at all.

In the beginning, it all seems easy that is just attending the gym, following the diet and there you are with a perfect looking body. Melting your fat is not that easy, and if you do not see any improvements that are because you make some mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. So I am here to point all those possible mistakes from that you need to turn around.

Some possible Reasons Why Losing Weight Is So Hard-

#1 You Don’t Have Enough Motivation

See, this is the main point that keeps you waking early and going to that gym daily performing your training. Motivation maintains your entire training session, and if you feel lack of motivation, you are going to lose hope soon.

Weight loss is not simple; it’s a tough process full of troubles and motivation is the key that holds you throughout the process. When there is a lack of motivation, you think questions like why there is no improvement, and you give up.

But when you are motivated, you feel ready to follow anything that is helpful to achieve your body goals and give up doesn’t click your mind ever. So, first, you need to find that motivation or the thing that keeps you going.

As a motivation, always keep reminding yourself various benefits of exercising and how can you look better and feel confident after following your training for the suggested time. Make notes regularly on the things you followed and then the success you achieved.

#2 You Are Not Following It Regularly

You all know following your routines daily is not that easy and especially when it includes dealing with the heavy equipment. This fear of performing hard activities often keeps you away from following your schedule, and you start skipping your exercises. This way, you don’t get anything as a result and feel more hopeless.

Also, it’s necessary to know if you include the right type of exercises in your training. You need to make a list and include all the activities you are performing and how much you are skipping the routines.

Your efforts will be in front of you, so if you don’t feel like getting any better, then you know the reason. Exercising for the recommended amount of time by your trainer is essential, and only then you can burn the required amount of calories to get in the shape again.

Duration also depends on the type of workout, if your training includes high-intensity workouts, then your complete training session should be 30 minutes approx.

#3 You Don’t Follow a Proper Diet

Being on the right diet is as necessary as following your workout routine. On the way of why losing weight is so hard, not following the required diet can be the next reason. Make sure you are replacing junk food with the recommended food and consuming it at the right time.

Keeping a journal or notes can be really helpful as it allows writing up your entire diet menu that ‘what food and on which time.’ Make it your habit and always read what’s on the labels before buying any food products. You are also required to understand the portion of food that how much calories would you gain by eating any specific cuisine.

Be conscious of what you eat, count calories and always take care of ingredients. Don’t just pick up and fill your belly with anything. Weight loss is a time-consuming process that needs hard work and lots of dedication to everything that connects with your body.

#4 Your Lifestyle Is Getting In the Way

You need to change how you live and follow things in your life. You have to find that will inside you that is ready to adopt a healthy lifestyle. There is no hurry, but you need to keep making healthy changes gradually or day by day.

–         Start by making changes in your wake up routine; you need to wake up early and use that time for working out or just go for a run.

–         At your office, use your free time for some exercise or some light workout.

–         On holidays, use it to perform some beneficial activities instead of watching your shows.

You will establish a habit by time and start seeing improvements. Just rule your life and don’t let it rule you.

#5 You Compromise With Your Surroundings

It can be a reason too that is getting in your way and preventing you from being fit looking. There can be things around you that you accept and don’t fight against. For example, at your workplace, your colleagues order junk food and invite you in.

Every Time you feel like saying yes to any particular activity will have a negative impact on your goals, then say a clear no to all those things. You can simply explain to them that you are on a strict diet and this junk is your enemy for now.

Always put efforts towards healthy and step back from unhealthy. If this means you need to change your surroundings or environment around you, then do it and don’t compromise with it.


Weight loss is hard, but understanding all these factors and working to improve them can take you to the right way. On the way, you will find obstacles, but remember one thing, to become healthy and slim again, you need to believe in you, and then weight loss comes to a lot easier. Willpower is the most important factor among all the things, and if you have that, you are never going to ask why losing weight is so hard.




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