Tips for beginners in gym

Tips for Gym Newbies

If you’re just starting out in the fitness world, you can find it intimidating and quite a scary place.


Going to your local gym can be daunting as you don’t really know what to expect and potentially risking looking stupid.


Don’t Worry!


The gym is somewhere you can relax and completely forget about you day to day worries as it’s the perfect place to ‘Zone out’ and forget about your worries. In fact the gym is one of the best places to de-stress, socialize and most importantly get fit.


If you’re new to the gym here are a few tips to help you get settled in:


Dress comfortably

One of the biggest questions that is asked is ‘what do I wear to the gym’. The main thing is to wear something comfortable and loose fitting. Trainers is a must, a t-shirt and shorts is common and doesn’t have to be fancy. If you want to keep it low key, go for a plain dark colored t-shirt.

Health and Safety Induction

Your free induction is one of the best and most useful things you could do when joining a gym. This is your chance to ask as many questions as you like about your fitness, health goals, equipment, classes and the general facilities. Take advantage of your free induction and you will be on your way to confidently using the gym’s facilities and services to achieve your goals.

Take it slow

Using weight machines are probably the best way to start to develop your confidence and your muscles but don’t be afraid of the free weights. Sure you may not be lifting great weights, but taking it light and easy to familiarise yourself with how things work can give you a great confidence boost, so that next time you can slowly build on your progress.

Getting help

Like all new hobbies and activities, getting a helping hand is always vital for anyone for anyone to pick up a new activity. Personal trainers are perfect for this and can be used as frequently/infrequently as you would like. They also will help you iron out any activities you are doing wrongly such as posture etc which is important as carrying out activities incorrectly could cause injury or may not be as beneficial as you would hope. They also give you a guiding hand to help you achieve your goals and offer suggestions on different activities to fast track your progress.

Keep a track of your progress

You can either carry a pen and notepad to help you keep a track of your workout progress such as the how long you have ran, how heavy the weights your using, the number of reps (reps are repetitions such as how many press ups you can do in one go) and number of sets (how many cycles of repetitions you do). You can of course, use your phone to note these down and there are plenty of free apps that can measure your workout easily. Keeping a track of every workout will help you achieve your goals a lot quicker.

Don’t worry

If you’re feeling uncomfortable just remember that everyone has been in your position before. Being new to the gym you are entitled to using the equipment as long as you like. Bare in mind, especially during peak hours, people maybe queuing for an equipment but don’t feel you need to jump off just because they are eyeing from across the gym floor, finish your exercises as you would normally and don’t let them rush you.

If you are unsure, ask questions

If you have a question find a staff member and ask it. That’s what they are there for!


Now that you have the 6 essential tips for starting at a new gym, go out and have fun!




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