embarrassed in gym?

How to overcome embarrassment at the gym

Starting at a new gym can be uncomfortable, maybe even a little embarrassing, but don’t worry. Heres a few tips to overcome your shyness.


You are new to this workout world so of course there would be embarrassments while meeting new people and lifting up those machines and weights. But, there is nothing wrong with feeling embarrassed as long as you are ready to overcome your fear of the gym.

There can be many questions that are the root of your embarrassment like ‘what type of clothes should I wear’ ‘What others will think if I break this machine’ ‘Do I really fit with other members’ etc.


To overcome these fears, you need to face them and for the same, I am going to introduce you some effective steps that would be helpful to overcome your fear of the gym.


#1 Plan Your Workout Beforehand

If you don’t know what your body goals or which exercises you are going to perform any particular day are, chances are you are going to face embarrassment. You are aimless without a plan and those workout hours would seem never ending if you haven’t noted any exercise to perform.

So always pay attention to the workouts included in your routine and note them down. You are about to attend the gym, and if you stand there idle, then many of other trainees notice you, and automatically it would be embarrassing. You can also take a printout of your workouts needed and just follow them instead thinking about everyone else.


#2 Avoid Attending Rush Hours

Another effective tip to overcome your fear of the gym is you don’t need to go there during rush hours. It’s not only about the gym, but any place that you attend the first time can make you feel shy if there is a big crowd. So, search for hours in which fewer trainees attend the gym, and this will help you to open up gradually.

Peak hours vary gym to gym, so it’s better to observe the peak hours at your gym and then avoid working out at those hours. You can always call receptionist and just ask what time people attend there less. Often, morning and afternoon are known to be the fewer peak hours, so avoid going in the evening and shift your workout routine in the morning time.


#3 Remember That It’s Going To Take Time

Give yourself some time to manage things up and reduce the anxiety in you. It is not a one day process, or you can get rid of it in just a few hours. Anxiety takes time to fade away, so don’t take it as a stressful situation and deal with it calmly.


#4 Tell Yourself No One Is Noticing You

Yeah, that’s true; no one at the gym has time to stare you continuously until you are a celebrity. You need to keep it in mind, only then you will be able to keep yourself from anxious thoughts.

People attend the gym to work on their bodies and achieve their body goals, so there is no one who is going to keep eyes on you. At the gym, people always work hard, lift up heavy weights and draw out lots of sweat, so do you still think that they are going to notice a new bee?


#5 Take Music as Your Mate

The fastest remedy to overcome your fear of the gym is listening to music and be in your own world while following your exercises. Most people do it for fun, and you can do it to get rid of any type of embarrassment or if you think that all eyes are on you.

Keep your favorite tunes on as music helps you concentrating more and by the time you forget worrying about others. Put your earphones on so you won’t get your mind in my mess other than performing your workout.


#6 Ask a Friend to Attend With You

If meeting new people or being at a new place makes you anxious, then you can go and ask your friends to attend with you. You can state them clearly so they can be at the gym with you for a few weeks or a month.

It will really help you out because you are with someone you know and any embarrassment won’t work that much. When your friend stays around you feel less embarrassed and more relaxed.


#7 Do Not Compare Your physique to Others

Maybe you feel embarrassed while attending gym because you consider your body as unfit and the fat has set up badly. Well, you need to take it like this- we attend the gym to get our body in shape. If everyone is already fit then why will they head to the gym?

So you should leave comparing your body to others and push yourself to perform the vital workouts so you can get your perfect shape back. You always focus on yourself and your goals. Don’t let anything be in your way if you want a proper improvement.


#8 Focus On Your Tasks

You want to overcome your fear of the gym, so you are not supposed to do anything else but your workout. Just see those dumbbells in your hands and start your training because once you start, your self-consciousness gradually fades away and you leave caring about what others think.


#9 Praise Yourself for the Progress You Make

Always say decent words to yourself for doing better things because taking a good habit in routine take a lot of dedication and time. So, never take it casually and pat your back because you did it and you will feel a lot positive about yourself. Also, remember your failures as they encourage us to be better each day.


Last Words

The practice to overcome your fear of the gym may seem a difficult task, but once you are determined to follow only your body goals and nothing else, it actually seems quite easy. These tips here can help you greatly as your motivation to eliminate that anxiety forever.




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