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Hey Ladies! Get Back Your Best Asset – ‘Confidence’!

What do you need to consider when you’re thinking about training after the postnatal period? Read this article to find out.

When a baby is born, a mother is born! Motherhood is the best phase in any woman’s life. While your new born baby becomes the most precious gift of your life, the time just flies away in loving and taking care of your little one. And then suddenly one day, you find yourself standing in front of mirror and asking yourself


Is that me?


The distorted body shape, the condition of hair & skin and most importantly, the lack of time and sometimes money too, are enough to jolt your confidence! If you are going through the same phase in your life and feeling the same for yourself, you have landed at the right place!

We decided to write this article for all our women readers who are lucky to become moms but have started feeling lack of confidence with time.


While the first part of our article discusses the reasons for losing confidence, the second part gives you a positive outlook as you read about the ways to regain confidence in yourself.


Why Women Lose Confidence After Becoming ‘Moms’?

Believe it or not but it is a fact that numerous women lose confidence after they enter motherhood. It does not happen suddenly but surely as time passes by, you feel less confident about yourself! Various factors are responsible for the same and we have collected the most important ones for you!

Disturbed Routine –

Once you become a mother, your whole routine changes! You do not have any fixed time for fulfilling even your basic requirements. You won’t believe that many new-moms even do not get time to brush their teeth in the morning and they do it at some other time of the day. Well, unbelievable but true! The time to eat, sleep, bathe, talk, entertain or even having sex changes completely. Though initially you think that you are doing all things perfectly but later you realize that everything is getting messed up! The number one point for losing confidence!

Pressure to Look Good –

You confess that or not but it is a universal truth that all of us live in the pressure to look good. Whether going to office or staying at home, we always have to look good in order to convey the message that we are living a happy life. If we do not look good, we do not feel good and that’s why women start losing confidence in the post-baby period.

New Post-Baby Body –

As soon as you conceive, you start noticing the changes in your body. While these changes are not-so-dominant initially, they completely start dominating your body as you step into the later pregnancy trimesters. And when finally your baby is born, you discover an all new body of yours! The extra pounds and distorted figure are surely a major reason for lack of confidence in most of the women.

The Condition of Skin & Hair –

Just ask the value of good hair and skin to any woman and you will get the perfect answer! Skin & hair play a major role in good appearance of any woman. Needless to mention that pregnancy definitely affects these two assets too and you do not remain the same YOU, anymore! Yet another important reason for losing confidence!

Comparison with New Mom Celebrities –

Okey! So you take out time with your loving hubby to watch your favorite show on TV. And then you see that new-mom celebrity who is wafer thin and all glowing the same way she always used to be! You start stealing glances from your husband fearing with the fact that he might compare yourself with such personalities!

Lack of Sleep –

When you do not catch up adequate sleep, you do not feel good. Your digestion, your energy, your body metabolism and most importantly, your mood gets disturbed with lack of sleep. You do not feel good from within and when such thing happens, you stop caring about how or what you do for yourself. The irritated mood induces negativity and stress. Thus, many of you also fall prey to stress eating, inviting more unwanted pounds to your already overweight body!

Lack of Time –

This factor is the root cause for most of the problems described above! When you do not have ample time, you do everything half heartedly. The lack of time is responsible for your disturbed beauty schedule, workouts, good sleep and yet many other areas. In short, you do not have enough time for yourself and thus, you do not achieve what you want!

Lack of Money –

For those who are lucky to have those extra bugs to be spent on beauty, comfort, luxurious lifestyle and various other things can yet stay confident because of so many supporting factors. But those who are not-so-lucky frequently face trouble with budget-limited lifestyle and thus confine themselves. The dissatisfaction from lack of money is indirectly responsible for lack of confidence as you know somewhere in your heart that certain things can only be wished for but can actually be not achieved!

Lack of Proper Guidance –

When you are surrounded with so many perplexing conditions in your life after having a baby, the proper guidance plays a vital role. The lack of same gives rise to even more chaos leading you to a never-ending dilemma of what to do and what not to!

No Time for Yourself –

The one reason that covers all above factors for lack of confidence in your post-baby phase is that you do not get time for yourself. You are always running here and there for completing various tasks of your family members, especially the newly arrived baby and your home. This multi-tasking hardly leaves you with any option of taking out time for yourself!

Regaining the Confidence Back

Now that you know the reasons for your problem, that is lack of confidence, it’s time to churn out the solutions for the same. Glance through our amazing tips that will help you induce confidence back in you!

Wear a Positive Attitude & Stay Happy –

There is no substitute for positive attitude and hard work. In order to change things, you need to change your attitude. Remember and keep reminding yourself those magical words – ‘I CAN’! Your positive outlook towards yourself and life will be the foundation for getting back confidence in yourself. Only when you will believe in the ‘I CAN’ theory, you will actually be able to do it! Positive attitude will bring lot of positive changes in your life. It will keep you happy and satisfied. Stress will not be able to touch you if you learn to stay happy and optimistic. Instead of getting frustrated with your changed appearance, life and lifestyle, it is better to stay happy and positive at the thought of being a mother – one of the biggest blessings of life!

Try to Get Good Sleep Whenever You Can –

Once you learn to stay happy, you will notice yourself that you have started getting a better sleep. Though it is tough to get full 8 hrs sleep with your little one, you can always compensate your sleep with powerful naps of just 10-15 minutes whenever you get the chance. A good sleep is highly essential for a fresh face, good skin, good digestion and good body metabolism.


Begin Your Workout Schedule –

A workout is highly recommended t any stage of life. It does not matter whether you’re a new-mom or a mother of 10 years old. The fact is that workouts help you stay healthy, fit and in shape. Love your body and do whatever you can! Starting a workout schedule does not mean that you need to enroll yourself in a gym.

Brisk walking

A simple 30 minutes brisk walk can also bring a huge difference to your body fitness. And again, if you find it difficult to take out 30 minutes or find it impossible to move out of your house, just divide the time in 5 minutes schedule. Do brisk walking in home. Do it in the morning, evening, night times and whenever you can.

Group exercise –

Find out groups to do exercise as group exercise helps you find out persons who are going through the same phase as you do. Group exercise also helps you motivates you to work persistently.

Yoga and meditation-

Try doing yoga and meditation as yoga is not just physical workout but it is something that gives you mental relaxation and energy too.

Try Hula –hooping –

Yes! This simple tip helps you shed fat around your waist area.

Remember that even minutes count –

Yes! This is true when you plan to do your workouts. If you can’t take out enough time for doing exercise, doing the same for just few minutes will also be helpful.

Eat healthy and nutritious food –

Do not jump upon junk food items. Instead, try to get healthy bites of nutritious food. Oatmeal, fresh fruits, green vegetables and a lot more variety can be included in diet which will not only keep you fit but will also give the right stamina to fulfill various responsibilities.

Apply these ultra-easy tips for your skin –

Who says that you need to visit expensive salons to get glowing healthy skin? Well, a little care and just 10 minutes a day can bring wonderful transformation to your face and skin.

Exfoliate – Use simple ingredients like honey, olive oil and sugar and prepare an instant scrub. Exfoliate your face gently once a week. This will remove dead skin and will add glow and silky touch to your skin. If you wish, you can use this scrub all over your body too. Make sure to be gentle on face and a little firm on your body while exfoliating.

The regular skin care regime – Cleaning, Toning, and Moisturizing – These three steps are essential for retaining the beauty of your face. If you do not get time in the morning, you can do the same before going to bed. Follow this routine for just 15 days and see the difference yourself.

Sleep – As we mentioned earlier, try to grab sleep whenever you can! Small naps are also equally beneficial and help you compensate your sleeping hours.

Drink plenty of water – Doing this will not only improve your digestion but will also keep your skin hydrated and smooth. Moreover, it will help you reduce fat too!

Always remove makeup before going to bed – DO not forget to remove your makeup before going to bed as it opens up your skin pores and let your skin breathe properly. 

Take care of your hair – Again, you do not need to visit parlours everyday for getting good looking hair. Just follow these simple tips to get an attractive personality

Wash & Clean – Keep your hair clean by applying a gentle daily care shampoo every day. Clean hair is the first step towards healthy hair.

Learn quick & easy hair styles – Spend just few minutes surfing the net for easy hairstyles. You will be glad to know that numerous options are available for different textures of hair.

Use suitable hair accessories – Use small butterfly clips, glittering pins, small delicate tiaras and other accessories to accentuate your look.

Choose the Right Make-up– The right makeup can add instant beauty to your face and personality. Use enough moisturiser to keep your skin supple and soft. Apply night cream and let it do its wonders at night. Check out the amazing home remedies for maintaining beauty. Honey is the best moisturiser and can help you look beautiful. Use pink or red blush on your cheek for getting a happy glowing look. Pamper your nails and toes with beautiful nail-paints. Few strokes of eye liner and mascara along with a baby pink lip gloss can make you look fresh, beautiful and confident.

Choose the Right Style Tips– You do not have to follow the fashion trends religiously on order to feel confident and attractive. Wear something that you feel comfy in. Choose the right sized inner wear as they give shapely and toned body look. Use prints and styles that suit you and your mood. Adding the right accessories like a stylish handbag and a pair of shades can add a lot to your personality and can help you stay confident.

Do Take Out Time for Yourself & Boost Your Mood- Women often start neglecting themselves after having kids. But that’s not the way to live life. Initially you might not realise but later on you start feeling that you did not do anything good by neglecting yourself.

You are a person in yourself and you have your own existence, personality and choices. Hence, you need to give time to yourself. Whether it is about taking care of your skin, hair or attires or about getting involved in any hobby class, the important point is to take out time for yourself and do something of your own interest.

Watch your favourite TV show or spend some time at a spa. Listen to music or dance at your favourite tunes. Cook a new recipe or just go for window shopping. Doing such activities make you happy and confident. Most importantly, such involvements make you feel that life is not just about fulfilling responsibilities; rather, it is also about enjoying and having fun. Search for your friends and do spend some time with them.

Be Realistic & Stop Comparing Yourself with Celeb-Moms – Celebrity moms are able to maintain themselves because it is their profession and pressure to look and stay fit. They get a lot of support both inside and outside home. They have professional support of what to eat and what not to! Every second of their life is watched upon from point of view of calories in and calories out! They just live to look good. Hence, you need to be realistic. It is better to compare yourself with real life moms who may inspire you with their looks, personality and ability to do everything with confidence

Money is Never a Problem in Looking Good – As we mentioned earlier, good looks are not confined to only those who have money. Searching the right ingredients in your kitchen can help you prepare your own home-made face masks, scrubs, lotions and creams. Also, the right choice of clothes, makeup and style can also help you look beautiful

Love Yourself & Recognise Your Talent & Skills – So finally we have reached the last point of this article! Believe us this last point is the most important one. If any of the above points and tips could not convince you for getting confident, this one will surely do.

In most of the points above we have mentioned the tips and ways on how to look beautiful and attractive. We have done so because a large number of women connect confidence directly with good looks.


Now we are going to unveil the last secret key for confidence.

Confidence is your inner power & will and it has nothing to do with what you wear or how you look. It is that magical asset which comes from your own will power and belief. If you believe in yourself, no one can stop you from doing what you want to do! For instance, if you want to be a singer, you just need to practice your singing skills. How come it matters that how you look? Well, you got the answer yourself.

Just read the inspirational stories of women like you. You will find numerous women who fought the adverse conditions and yet got successful, simply because they believed in themselves. Confidence is nothing but believing in yourself!

Accept yourself , love yourself and respect yourself. You are your own kind. Recognise your talent and skills because every human is gifted with some sort of talent.


Show the world that you have the best asset – YOUR CONFIDENCE!



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