Do you need a personal trainer?

Do you need a personal trainer?

Is a Personal Trainer really worth it?


6 ways in how a personal trainer can help you smash your targets.


Personal Trainers can be an invaluable help to achieving your fitness goals however many people are reluctant in asking for Personal Trainers help. Some feel embarrassed, some may not be able to actually afford it and some just simply don’t know what they do.


In this quick article, we’ll shed more light onto personal trainers and see if they are right for you.



For beginners, one of the most important tasks to help you along your way is to get an induction with a personal trainer. This can be in the gym on the weight machines and equipment or it can be the initial meeting to establish your goals and starting point before you carry out any training.

If you are just starting out, personal trainers will take you through the equipment, health and safety and offer you helpful tips in order for you to stay safe, build your confidence and allow you to concentrate on working out. Inductions are usually free of charge so take advantage of their help and ask any questions you might have as that is their role, to help you.


2.Knowledge and Expertise

One of the most common reasons why people use a personal trainer is that they want to lose weight. A good personal trainer will create a detailed plan specifically for you and if you follow their exact plan, most personal trainers will guarantee to hit your target. Not only will they advise you and teach you how to exercise properly to get the best results, they will also advise on your lifestyle such as eating and drinking habits which will help you reach your goals.

Of course, any personal trainers worth their salt will monitor your exercise and ensure you’re working within your own personal limits. Don’t expect the to let you take it easy though, as they will push you as hard as you can but they’ll make sure they are within your limits (even if though you probably don’t know your limits) to ensure you wont be out of action through injury.

3.Push you to your best

One of the best reasons for working with a personal trainer is the motivation factor they offer. Motivating yourself on a cold dreary day can be difficult, especially when your body (and mind) would rather take it easy or have a cheat day. All of us experience it one day or another. Or maybe you’ve hit a the dreaded plateau and anything that you do seems to not make much difference in terms of seeing results. Personal Trainers are the people who will help you keep motivated because you are held accountable. They’ll use all their knowledge and experience to psychologically motivate and help you see your goals, which you may have forgotten about.


4.Undivided attention

Having a personal trainer will mean that you will get advice and workouts specifically designed for you and no one else. Personal trainers will go through what you like and don’t like, your strengths and weaknesses and take this into account to create a plan for you. Some personal trainers will however do this is smaller groups so rather than 1-to-1, they maybe willing to do 1-to-2 if you want a buddy up.


5. Improve on your best

For those that have been training a while, you may find that your body just hits a plateau and not change no matter what changes you make. You may not be seeing any significant changes in terms of results or weight that your lifting, which can demotivate you and it maybe time to get a personal trainer to see if they can help you push onto the next level.

Personal trainers can look at what your currently doing and give slight adjustments which will help you break through the plateau and it could be as simple as a slight tweak in your technique, a slight change in your workout or it could be a completely new exercise that targets an area of your muscles or body which has been holding you back. In this case, personal trainers act like a problem solver, dissecting your workout and lifestyle then offering a solution to help you break through the plateau.


6. Give you knowledge and understanding that stays with you for life

Some people may not want to break through their personal best, some may not want a six pack or be top of their game. Some people just want to lose some weight and not be at an age where they need to rely on others to help them up the stairs. In this case, personal trainers will be able to give you knowledge that will help them through your lifetime, teaching you about how to get healthy and more importantly stay healthy form exercise, lifestyle and diet to ensure that you keep in good shape for the rest of your life, even if you don’t ever use another personal trainer again.

If you are looking to use a personal trainer these maybe some questions that you can ask such as your timetable, locations, prices, previous clients and their results. Try out a couple of sessions before investing into a long course to see if you are compatible and that you get on.

Choosing a personal trainer can unbelievably change your fitness and training regime for the good as not only will you get the knowledge and support, but you will get push to break down the walls of your limits.



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