A Rough Guide to Weight Training

rough guide to weight training

If you’re just starting out at the gym and you’re a bit intimidated with the using weights, don’t be! Here’s a nice short article to ease you in.   Regularly training with weights has many benefits and is not just restricted to the body builders, everyone should be using some […]

Have Fun With Your Training Routines

make training fun

Is your training beginning to get stale. Getting bored of the same routines? Change it up because training should be fun not a chore.   Exercise always helps in several ways to all age groups. An individual who wants to gain some good shape can always adopt fitness. Getting your […]

Tips for Gym Newbies

Tips for beginners in gym

If you’re just starting out in the fitness world, you can find it intimidating and quite a scary place.   Going to your local gym can be daunting as you don’t really know what to expect and potentially risking looking stupid.   Don’t Worry!   The gym is somewhere you […]

How to overcome embarrassment at the gym

embarrassed in gym?

Starting at a new gym can be uncomfortable, maybe even a little embarrassing, but don’t worry. Heres a few tips to overcome your shyness.   You are new to this workout world so of course there would be embarrassments while meeting new people and lifting up those machines and weights. […]