rough guide to weight training

A Rough Guide to Weight Training

If you’re just starting out at the gym and you’re a bit intimidated with the using weights, don’t be! Here’s a nice short article to ease you in.   Regularly training with weights has many benefits and is not just restricted to the body builders, everyone should be using some

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Too busy to keep fit

Are you too busy to keep fit?

Do you ever say to yourself “I’m too busy to train”? It’s a common excuse and it is understandable as most work 40+ hours per week as well and family and social obligations, however your fitness is incredibly important. Just think of the consequences if you leave your fitness low

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Truth why people fail in losing weight

Why Do People Find It Hard To Lose Weight?

The truth why people find it hard to lose weight and keep it off. Being a woman, you may often think why losing weight is so hard or where you go wrong that keeps you from achieving your goals. Achieving body goals is never an easy task, and you all

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make training fun

Have Fun With Your Training Routines

Is your training beginning to get stale. Getting bored of the same routines? Change it up because training should be fun not a chore.   Exercise always helps in several ways to all age groups. An individual who wants to gain some good shape can always adopt fitness. Getting your

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postal natal training tips

Hey Ladies! Get Back Your Best Asset – ‘Confidence’!

What do you need to consider when you’re thinking about training after the postnatal period? Read this article to find out. When a baby is born, a mother is born! Motherhood is the best phase in any woman’s life. While your new born baby becomes the most precious gift of

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Tips for beginners in gym

Dealing With Injuries and Setbacks

Injuries and setbacks are natural when training but how do you overcome them to get back into routine?   Suppose you are new to the gymming world and you are very much excited about all the things like the workout and those machines many of which seem strange to you.

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